Trip to Saat Taal (7th Oct. 2009)

With Diwali holidays starting from 5th Oct. 2009, it was time to pack bags and move North to home sweet home but I wanted to enjoy 15 days of leaves with some action packed travel and as I inquired my parents too showed their eagerness to visit some place around Diwali. Initially I was sceptical of their decision cauz’ generally most people try to be at their home during Diwali but thanks to my parents they weren’t so hell bent upon following this ritual and hence it wasTripToSaatTaal time to decide upon the destination. First we locked up at Valley of Flowers as it would provide us with too magnificant a view of higher Himalayas but we’d to cancel it out due to lack of accomodation at Ghangaria. The GMVN rest house at Ghangaria closes down on 6th, Oct. every year and hence we’d to drop the idea to visit VOF. So we were back to travel guides and finally I proposed Kedarnath – Vasukital – Tungnath – Chandrashila – Deoria Taal as our destination and wow !!! every one agreed upon it. So we’d to wait till 10th Oct. for my bro to come back from his college.

However as is the case at most times, I’m pretty restless fellow and can’t stand thought of waiting for someone sitting back at home, so I decided to explore Kumaon and this time I’d my newly bought FZ28 to give me a good company (Thanks a lot Nipun for this wonderful gadget !). As I couldn’t go far away so I decided to explore some places nearby home and first place to visit was Saat Taal (Seven Lakes).

Saat Taal is a small tourist destination near BhimTaal in Nainital District of Uttaranchal. Most tourist skip this place due to either lack of information or due to lack of materialistic facilities which are easily available at other tourist spots like Nainital. However in my opinion Saat Taal is one of the best places to relax and be in sync with nature. The name Saat Taal comes from seven lakes (in Hindi, seven is pronounced as Saat and Taal means lake) which are scattered all around this area. Raam and Laxman taal are two major lakes amongst these seven lakes but if one is coming to this place then he/she ought’ to see all the seven lakes. One of the lakes which people generally tend to miss out on is Naldamiyanti lake which is enroute trek route from Bhimtal to Saattal.

Saat Taal is connected by road to Bhimtal but if one wants to truely enjoy the beauty of this place then one should trek to this place from Bhimtaal and this is very easy trek of around 5 Kms and it passes through thick pine forest and small villages enroute. One can view all seven lakes if trek route is taken. One can also catch a taxi from Bhimtal to Saat tal which will cost around Rs. 20/- per person on shared basis. As for accomodation, there is a KMVN and Forest rest house available at Saat taal. However it’s more advisable to stay at Bhimtaal and visit Saat taal either on trek or by vehicle.

I started my journey from Haldwani around 12:00 noon and the bus ride was pretty good and economical (Rs. 25/-) to Bhimtal. I reached Bhimtal around 1:00 P.M. and after having a cup of tea and couple of Samosas it was time to hit road again. The trek route to Saat tal starts from Bhimtal itself and can be found very easily by inquiring from locals. The initial section of the route passes through markets of Bhimtal and hence it’s very easy to find someone who’ll explain entire route. After walking for about 40 min. I reached Naldamiyanti Taal. It’s one of the seven lakes of Saat Taal and has religious significance as it considered to be a center of power. After clicking some photographs it was time to move on and as I walked for another 10 min, I reached an area where the motor road to Saat taal meets the trek route. Now either one can move along the motor road which will take around 4 Kms to reach Saat Taal or one can take a trek route on left which will cover the distance to Saat Taal in just 1.5 kms. As obvious I choose the latter route and this route took me through a thick pine forest and along the way there is an Ashram and one can even find some wildlife. Within 30 min I was able to reach Saat Taal and this is a magnificant place with not too much crowd and no hustle bustle of vehicles. There are few shops around and one can enjoy cup of coffee/tea with hot Samosas and other fast foods. The view is something which one can admire for hours and hours and though I didn’t enjoyed a boat ride but one can also enjoy it and even Kayaking. Having spent around 2-3 hours at Saat taal and having taken a lots of photographs, it was time to move back and luckily I found a guy who was moving back to Bhimtal and he happily gave me a ride to Bhimtal. Tommorrow I’d be moving to Ranikhet and will be posting details of that trip later, till then Chao and keep trekking đŸ™‚

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